50+ Best Quotes & Thoughts in english For your Life

Motivational english quotes: This place is a confluence of religious and spiritual ideas. Which provides a basis and direction to the life of man. Good thoughts bring a remedial change in the life of a human being, which paves the way for meeting the divine by eliminating the antisocial thoughts in the mind of man. The right direction works to convert a common man into a great personality.

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Today we are going to present the confluence of all those ideas which you were waiting for. Here are a variety of spiritual thoughts that can bring an invaluable change in your life. Along with reading and assimilating them in life, also share them to reach others, so that every person understands his life and gives a purpose to life. Our best wishes are always with you, hope you will definitely like our company.

If you speak the truth, then you don’t need to remember anything.

“Try as if everything depends on you, pray as if everything depends on God.

“Keep sweetness in your speech and thoughts, sweets will come automatically in life.”

“There is a lot of power in the devotion of God, due to which a person does not get distracted even after doing the biggest work.”

“Make efforts in such a way that seeing that success comes at your feet.”

“God have mercy on us, give us a place at your feet. Let us cross the line of life.”

“Too much thinking is also a kind of disease.”

Motivational quotes in english

“If you want to be happy, then take the decisions of your life by looking at your situation. Decisions taken by looking at the world always hurt.”

“If you are jealous of seeing the progress of others. So you know that you have strayed from the right path.”

“Few people have the understanding to take the right decision at the right time.”

“Life must have a purpose, otherwise even animals live without a purpose.”

“Success comes only when the purpose of living is known and finding out the purpose depends on the energy of our mind.”

“Purpose is the path that leads us in the right direction.”

“It definitely takes some time to get the motive of life, one who has made a balance with patience and time, he definitely achieves the goal.”

“Success is the result of hard work that few people often miss to achieve.”

“Hard work and success are often seen together.”

“Success without hard work is of no use to us.”

“The art of living life is in only a few people, others have come to spend time.”

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