Nursery Rhymes for kids in English । Poems for children

Welcome to the enchanting world of English Poems for Children and Kid’s Rhymes! Our delightful collection of nursery rhymes, specially curated for little ones in Nursery, LKG, and UKG, is sure to captivate their imaginations. Let your kids embark on a journey of fun and learning with our best poems, filled with colorful illustrations and playful verses.

English Rhymes for children:

little kid's rhymes

Little Bird Rhymes

little birds rhymes

Little birdie in the tree,
Singing songs so sweet and free,
Flapping wings and hopping high,
Underneath the clear blue sky.

Little fishy in the stream,
Swimming fast, just like a dream,
Diving deep and splashing free,
In the water, happy as can be.

Little bunny in the grass,
Hopping fast, oh what a pass,
Nibbling on some juicy greens,
Living life full of happy scenes.

Little children everywhere,
Smiling, laughing, without a care,
Playing games and having fun,
Growing up, one by one.

So let’s enjoy this day today,
And live our lives in a happy way,
Just like the bird, the fish, and the bunny too,
Let’s all be happy, me and you!

here’s a short poem for children:

Little Bird – Rhymes 2

little bird 2 rhymes

Little bird, little bird, flying high
With your wings spread out wide in the sky
You hop and chirp and sing a sweet song
As you fly all day, happy and strong

You build a nest in a tree so tall
And lay your eggs so warm and small
You take good care of your little ones
Until they’re grown and ready to have fun

Little bird, little bird, you’re so free
Soaring through the air, happy as can be
Thank you for the joy you bring
As you flutter by and sing, sing, sing!

Thank You !

Here’s a short English poem for children:

Little Seed

A tiny seed was in the ground,
And no one knew it was around.
It started growing, day by day,
Until it sprouted up to say:

“Hello world, look at me,
I am a flower, can’t you see?”
And so it grew and blossomed bright,
A lovely sight, a pure delight.

So if you’re feeling small and meek,
Just remember, take a peek,
Inside of you there’s a seed,
That with love and care will succeed.

A little seed rhymes

English poem for children:

Little Butterfly…

Butterfly, butterfly, flitting about,
With your wings so colorful and sprout,
You bring joy wherever you go,
Fluttering high and then flying low.

In the meadow, you dance with the flowers,
Spreading happiness for hours and hours,
With your grace and delicate flight,
You’re a symbol of beauty and pure delight.

Butterfly, butterfly, we love you so,
Watching you fly is a beautiful show,
Thank you for bringing happiness our way,
We hope to see you again another day.

little butterfly rhymes

Here are two poems on parrots:

“My Parrot Friend” – Kid’s Rhymes

My parrot friend, so colorful and bright,
With feathers of green, red, blue, and white,
You chirp and squawk with such delight,
Bringing joy to my heart day and night.

Your beady eyes are full of life,
As you sit perched upon your favorite knife,
I can’t help but smile at your antics,
As you mimic sounds and do acrobatics.

My parrot friend, you’re more than a pet,
You’re a companion that I’ll never forget,
Your loyalty and love are true,
And I’m grateful for all that you do.

my parrot friend rhymes

“My Little Cat” – Kid’s Rhymes

A little Cat rhymes

My little cat, so small and sweet,
With eyes so bright and tiny feet,
You purr and play, with such delight,
Bringing joy to my heart, day and night.

Your fur is soft, and oh so warm,
I love to hold you in my arms,
Your whiskers tickle as you nuzzle my face,
And I feel so lucky to share this space.

My little cat, you bring me peace,
With your gentle purring, and rhythmic beats,
I’m grateful for your love and care,
And the happiness you bring everywhere.

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